Video transcription

Let's talk about the dreaded flip, that's flipping your hands, and how to stop flipping your hands. Now the first thing you want to remember is you don't stop it by not using your hands at all. That's totally wrong, it's not natural. Your hands have to enter into the golf shot, but it only do what your arms tell it to do, and not vice versa. When people flip their hands in the hitting area, they do it a couple things. They're trying to hit at the ball, and they're trying to lift it up in the air, and so as a result they get up there, and they flip it with their hands. The problem is is the minute those hands entered to and tried to tell the arms what to do, the arms stop. The way to solve that problem is very, very simple. Even on a short chip shot, a pitch shot, a full swing, they do it the same every time. What you do is is you start aback, that's fine, it's the hands in the club, and then your arms (elbow to shoulder) swing the club at the target. Allow your hands to respond to your arms. So on the forward swing, boom, if my hands want to have it, if I want to have a little hand action in there, that's fine. So people are going to have a little more way than others, but as long as they use their arms to dictate what their hands do, that flip goes away. So it looks more like this. Try it, you'll like it.