Video transcription

Hello, I am Rosario Nene Ortega, I'm a dance instructor and performer at The Goddess Store in Hollywood, Florida. In this clip, I'm going to show you some tips for Cumbia dancing. What you will need, comfortable clothing, comfortable shoes to dance, love for Cumbia music and a dance partner. So the tip number one will be breaking back, so you break back with your foot and come forward, back and come forward, back and come forward. So that will be my number one tip, is to go back, your legs are crossed and then you come forward and you do the hip movement. One and two and one and two. Tip number two, also when you're with your partner, he's going to start also going back. So you want to make sure that you are both going back, I will go back, back and forward, and back and forward. That will be my tip number two, that you are with your partner and you allow yourself to move your hips as both, to this. Tip number three, always make eye contact with your partner because there is a language that goes with the Cumbia. So when you look at you partner, you're both dancing, o.k., you are connected, there's a connection. And if he releases you, and you're looking at him, you know what to do. So this is very important to have an eye contact and see his upper body, to know where he can take you, where he can lead you. So now let's put all those tips to together and go back and forward, back and forward, we're both breaking back, there's a hip movement, okay I'm looking at his eyes, to let him know that I'm ready to follow his lead, yes. And then he lifts me, I'm still looking at him, there is a connection there, there's a connection. For you, Nene Ortega.