How to prevent blisters from thong sandals

travnikovstudio/iStock/Getty Images

Thong sandals can be a cool comfort to your feet during the hot summer -- they are easy to slide into and help keep feet from becoming too sweaty. But some thong sandals produce unwanted blisters -- especially where the small piece from the thong sandal separates the big toe and the second toe. Blisters may also form along the bottom of the foot. There are preventive measures you can take to avert blistered feet, though.

Rub a fingertip amount of petroleum jelly on the small piece that separates your big toe and the toe next to it in thong sandals. This can soften the piece separating your toes, allowing it not to rub as hard on the tender skin.

Apply moleskin to the skin between the big toe and the second toe. Cut the moleskin to fit between your toes. Peel off the adhesive backing and apply between the toes. The moleskin keeps the small piece separating the toes from causing friction on the skin and encouraging blisters.

Apply talcum powder to the feet before putting on the thong sandals. Blisters are caused by heat and moisture. Applying talcum powder eliminates moisture and keeps the feet cool.

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