Video transcription

Hi I am Melissa Seykora and I am going to show you how to make an Asian inspired arrangement. I am going to start with this horsetail. It's kind of like a reed. It grows in marshy areas. I am going to line it up. It's got a really nice bamboo type feel and then I'm going to add these really pretty yellow calla lilies. So this is going to be a nice airy, not too cluttered, very simple arrangement where you can really see the beauty of an individual flower. So I'm cutting all of these calla lilies to have their own little space and then I'm going to use this beehive ginger. It's a really interesting texture and background and I'm putting all of this in oasis blocks and now I'm going to add these really gorgeous cymbidium orchids down at the base. I'm going to cut the stems a little short and just stick them really low to kind of take up the space down here, really pretty and I'm going to add one or two, yea just one dingovium orchid. It's the really pretty fuchsia color and you don't want the flowers to crowd each other in Asian inspired arrangements. There is really just a very neat simplicity about them and I'm going to finish this off with some moss around the edge. This is sheep moss and you can also for your tablescape, you can add some river rocks to give that really serene feel and you could even line those on the table with some votive candles, even put a few blooms down on the table itself.