Video transcription

How to change your name once you've been married. Now, that you're married and you've already you had to apply for you wedding license ahead of time once you're marriage certificate is in hand. There's two ways you can do it, you can either go online and order one of those marriage completion kits I believe they're called and they'll have different kinds of documents for you to sign or you can go to your local offices those being your social security office. You can get your name changed there. Make sure you have your marriage certificate with you. Also, you're going to need to change your driver's license. Once again, you'll go to your Registry of Motor Vehicles. Take your copy of your marriage certificate with you so that they see that you've been married. Get your license change there. If you have a passport, you're going to need to get your passport changed. If you have voter's registration card, you're going to need to get your voter's registration card. All of these going to require your marriage certificate with you. It's best if you can kind of go in person to these places and get them change that way you can get your certificate right back. They usually prefer not to have a copy because they want to see your raise seal to make sure it's authentic and also any type of insurance papers. You have your homeowners insurance, car insurance. Any important documents that you want your name change on these are going to have to be the required steps to take to have your name change.