Video transcription

A few tips on equipment for beginners in the sport of fly fishing. The flex of the rod will help you cast easier and it will be more enjoyable so a mid flex to a full flex, a graphite rod will be much more enjoyable to learn on versus a more powerful and fast acting rod which are known as the tip flexes. The mid flex will flex all the way down, half way through the rod, a little bit more forgiving on your timing. Choosing that rod can be a mid range or if you can borrow one from a shop to try first, same thing. It's great to be able to put your hands on a rod that you'd be comfortable with. A good instructor also is a huge asset for you as far as the patience and learning the timing of the cast. Going into the reel, once you have some basics in your casting down, the old adage of the reel just holds the line is not true. You want to have a reel that has a smooth nice performing drag. There's a number of reels in mid to lower price ranges that will fit that bill just fine. Your leaders when you go into your casting to attach your fly, the shorter leader for beginners is definitely an advantage. Seven and a half, nine foot leaders are going to be easier to cast and turn over than a 12 or a 15 foot leader that some of us casters do use at certain times. Your fly lines, a good weight forward fly line that's slick, the slickest line is going to cast easier, it is going to come through the guides easier and those are pretty much the tips of the equipment that you should really have as far as getting started and expanding your sport.