Video transcription

Hi I'm Judy Hoarfrost from Paddle Palace Table Tennis Company, and our segment today is how to spin a table tennis ball. You know table tennis is all about spin. It is the world's spinniest sport. Now how do you create spin? Spin is created when your racket hits the ball whatever direction your racket is going in that is the kind of spin you have. So if your racket is going up like this, the ball is going to rotate this direction, it is going to cause air pressure that makes the ball drop on the other side. You are going to get an arc, and that is the beauty of the spin, because you can control where the ball is going. That is top spin. Now there is also under spin where you are going under the ball. And the ball, it is also called back spin, because it is going back direction from where it, from top spin. So it is rotating this direction. Here again you are getting some spin that gives you an arc, it makes the ball drop on the other side. You get a lot of control using top spin and under spin. Now how do you get more spin though? A lot of key players really want to get more spin, because if you get a lot of under spin on the ball it is going to tend to make your opponent hit the ball down, it is going to be harder to handle. If you get a lot of top spin on the ball the opponent might know how to handle that they might pop it off the end or pop it up so you could finish it with a smash shot. So what is the trick? How do you get more spin? Well the true key to this is to actually just brush the ball lightly. The more you brush the ball when you spin the more spin you are going to get. Now there is a difference between brushing, and then just hitting slightly more solidly. And it is actually a fine difference, and you are really going to have to practice to perfect that. Now the main strokes for top spin are the drive like this, and then there is also the the loop where you are starting lower, and you are ending higher. And you actually have a lot more potential with a loop to give it more spin. Because you are actually going up more, and you are getting more lift, and you can actually brush the ball more lightly. Again, the key to getting more spin is to brush the ball, skim the ball more lightly. Spin is great especially on a serve. You can use the same motion, and get lots of spin, and almost the same motion, and get a little bit of spin. And you can trick your opponent that way, and the difference between a spinning serve, and a not a spinning serve is how much are you actually skimming the ball when you are striking it. So you know what that is spin in a nutshell. There is a whole lot more to it I wish I had more time. But if you would like to learn more about how to play table tennis there's lots of DVDs out there. You can get a good coach, learn some good strokes, and join the sport. We would love to have you.