Video transcription

Hi I'm Dr. Grace Wang, I'm a medical oncologist working at Advanced Medical Specialties in Miami, Florida. I'm here on behalf of the Susan G. Komen foundation. I'm going to tell you what a breast cancer lump feels like. It feels very hard it can be a small as a BB or it can be, feel like a marble but it's really usually pretty hard. It can be in any part of the breast and it could be any size. Sometimes it's very difficult to feel. Lots of times when you have a mammogram they'll see the cancer on the mammogram and we can never feel it, especially if the breasts are very large. Sometimes breast cancer will look like a rash on the skin. And that's an inflammatory breast cancer. It's best that you do a breast self exam once a month. If you are pre-menopausal a few days after your period, if you are post menopausal just pick any day of the month. And if you feel a mass and it's not explained by a mammogram or ultrasound, it's important that you get a biopsy of this mass even if you have a negative exam.