Video transcription

Hi, I'm Tim Gipson. I'm going to talk to you about how to sharpen garden tools. Now the basic way we can do it, and here's a set of hedge shears, is that we can secure this in a vise and use a flat file to file along this edge to sharpen. So that's one way, your basic way using a flat file. And, if you look on your tools you'll have a beveled edge, and then the flat side. Whenever we're sharpening tools, we want to make sure that any sharpening we do is on this beveled edge. Now the second way we could do this is using a dremel tool. This dremel actually has an attachment on here. As you can see, it's got this slot in here. And what it allows you to do is to slide over the blade, and it puts the angle at...or the blade angle at the right angle for the dremel grinder to work right down the edge. Okay? And, then another useful tool is to use one of these sharpeners. This is just a standard sharpener that has a diamond-sharpen edge here. It also has a slot for scissors. This is good to use for intermediate sharpenings. And also, as you can see, I've got some good leather gloves on, so whenever we're doing sharpening and using...and handling any kind of sharp object, it's a good idea to protect your hands with something like a leather glove. What we do is we are just going to hold the tool firmly in one hand. You're going to start at the top edge, and you're going to pull away. Okay. So again, start at the top edge, and pull away. And what that'll do is it will just clean up and put a nice, sharp edge on that. We turn the tool over, engage it, and pull away. Pull away. Okay. And again, this is not a tool you're going to use to recondition the edge. What it's going to do is it's just going to sharpen that edge so that it cuts just a little bit better. But to restore edge, if you get a lot of pitting along the edges here on any garden tool, you're really going to need to use a flat file to clean that edge up or to use something like a dremel with this special attachment on it to clean that edge up. And, with just a little bit of work you can keep your garden tools sharp and ready to go. So I'm Tim Gibson and that's how to sharpen garden tools.