Video transcription

You want to get ringtones from this to this. Hi, I'm Rokosz, your digital lifestyle expert and I'm going to show you how to install ringtones onto your iphone. First thing you have to keep in mind is that itunes is the porthole for all important transfers, whether they be music, movies, videos, podcasts, and of course, ringtones. Let's take a look inside of itunes and I'll show you how to make that work. Well, you're going to see right down here in the library that you actually have a library of ringtones and basically by selecting those, bring them active, it let's you know it's time to move them over. Now, these are custom made ring tones that I've used, using broadband, but I'll show you what it looks like when you purchase a ringtone. To purchase a ringtone, you'll navigate over to your itunes store, and any song that you see that has, you see this little bell right here, this is something new, with one of their updates, is that this is checked off, then when your purchase the song, then this song has the ability to be a ringtone, alright. So, bits and pieces of songs that are just commercially available also have bits and pieces that are ringtones, which is nice, because you get the high fidelity of the original song as the ringtone itself. And, if you purchase that, then you would be able to see it over here in your ringtone selections, and be able to transfer it over. So, now you've purchased it, or you've created some, and you've moved them into your ringtone file. How do we get them onto the iphone? Well, I'll show you this. We're going to move down here, to the devices, and well, there's a tab right over here to ringtones, where you can manage them. Your choices are simple, you're either going to sync, you want to sync the ringtones, you're going to sync all of them, or just selected. Hey, I hate these other two, or I like number two today, but I don't like number one, poof. Once you've done that, you've customized, now my song two is the only one that's going to go in there, you click apply and boom, during the next synchronization process, or immediately, it's going to move these right up into there. It's just that easy. They come into the folder, choose where you want all of your ringtones to be there, or just some selective ones, click apply, and poof, you get your ringtones from your computer to your iphone. I'm Rokosz, your digital lifestyle expert saying, stream you later.