Video transcription

So you got something great to sell, need a great place to sell it? Craigslist can offer you free classified ads. Lets look at how to put a free ad on Craigslist. I'm Chris Cook with Security Awareness Incorporated. Let's go! First you're going to want to travel on your web browser to, once you're there you're going to select the city or the state for where you are and it's going to take you to a defined list of the different areas within that state that are available on Craigslist. We're in Florida and we're going to go to the Tampa Bay area. Once we get to Tampa Bay area, you can see there is a post, or a link there to post classified ads. We click on post classified ads and it takes you to the types of ads that you want to post. We're going to go to the for sale ads. Make sure you're not selling a prohibited item, and it warns you there on the site. We want to sell a car. We've got a nineteen sixty-eight VW Beetle, needs a good home. So lets go down to cars and trucks by owner. We're going to click on that. Now we're going to click the county, because it's asking us for the county that we're located in that way it will get it, the ads to the right people and people searching will find them easier. So we're going to put in our title for our ad VW Beetle Nineteen sixty-eight. Our price is twelve hundred dollars and the specific location is Tampa. Now we're going to put in the description of the car in the ad. Bug needs loving home. Please send message through Craigslist. Alright, now that our information is in there we will go ahead and put our email address in because that's required to send the message through Craigslist. Now this doesn't appear in the ad but it's used by Craigslist to communicate with you when it gets responses back for your ad. So you put your email address in. It asks you to put it in again, a second time to verify it. You can add images if you want to. And it will ask if it's okay for others to contact you. If you don't want them to don't click that off. Go ahead an click continue. It will show you a review of your ad and then you just, once you're sure that's what you want to have in there click approve and it sends it off to Craigslist and everybody gets to see it. I'm Chris Cook with Security Awareness. Good luck selling that stuff.