Hi, I'm Ron Call from Harmony Flooring in San Diego, California. I'm going to show you how to remove a black scuff mark from a hardwood floor. Alright, so you get your scuff mark here on the floor. Usually it's caused by a heel of a black soled shoe. Most of the time, you just take a damp cloth, moisten it with water, not a lot of water, just slightly damp. Just rub it on the floor, usually it comes right off. If it's a little bit more stubborn, I mean, you're having a hard time getting off with water. Just a little bit of maybe, odorless mineral spirits, will take it right off. Again, I'm Ron Call from Harmony Flooring. And all you need to remove that scuff mark, is just a damp cloth, usually. If it's a really tough, black scuff mark, again, you use maybe some odorless mineral spirits, it'll take it right off in a heart beat. Thanks for watching.