Video transcription

Hi, I'm Chris Cook with Security Awareness Incorporated and I'm going to answer that driving question How do you open up a Gmail, email account? First, you've got to go to or you can go through to get to it. First thing you're going to do is click on create an account. We're going to come to a page that's going to ask your for your personal information. It's going to ask you for your first and last name, the desired login name, and then you're going to have to chose a password and re-enter that password to make sure that it's verified. They'll also give you an indication of whether it's a strong password or not. I usually recommend uppercase and lowercase letters, use numbers, and special characters if it will take it. It will ask you a security question such as what was your first phone number, or what was your first teachers name. Enter something that's not going to be guessable by other people, otherwise they may be able to get into your account. It's going to ask your location, and then it's going to ask you to enter a word verification. They'll have a little graphic of a word that you're going to have to enter, and it's a security code so automated programs don't go in creating email accounts. They're going to ask you to read the terms of service and click that you accept them and create your account. And once that's done you're off and running with your Gmail, email account. I'm Chris Cook with Security Awareness Incorporated.