Video transcription

Hello! My name is Luis Estrada and I'm a software developer. In this video I'll show you how to scan a document on an all in one printer. I am using Microsoft Office 2007. Office is a registered trademark of Microsoft. A company to which I have no affiliation. Microsoft Office 2007 includes a document imaging tool. This is very useful if you want to export text from a source such as a printed book, magazine, news paper, flier, etc. To launch this application go to the tools folder under the office program directory. There are tool applications that we will use. The document imaging that is used for optical character recognition. And the document scanning that is used to import the image using your scanner. If you cannot see any of these options. We need to install the applications. Since they are not included by the default Office installation. Press start and control panel. Double click on add or remove programs. Select the Office installation and press on the change button. This starts the Office installation wizard. Select the add features, option. Double click on Office tools. Spam the document imaging marks and here you see the writer and scanner programs. Select, run all from my computer. And click on the continue button to install the applications. I'm Luis Estrada and I've just shown you how to edit your digital images.