Video transcription

Hi I'm Amelia and I'm going to show you how to trim long hair. You always want to make sure that the hair is wet, and you want to comb it out completely. And then you want to section the hair in two halves. Put your comb at the top and where that comb starts to wobble that's where you make your first section. And usually that falls right over the ear. You push that hair out of the way, and then you take that all the way over to the other side and comb that hair out of your way. Then you part the hair right down the center, and divide the back into two halves and then you comb that hair out of the way. Then you take the tip of your comb, right there, and you just divide the hair again and secure it up and out of your way. Then you comb that hair straight down. And the number one mistake that most people make is they pick it up and start cutting. You want to cut that hair at what's called a zero-degree elevation, in other words straight down, you use your comb as your guide. So figure out where you want to cut it as you can see this girls hair is a little uneven. Comb it straight down, always start in the center and cut. And you want to keep using that as your guide and follow that. And you keep combing it straight down and make sure that you don't have any spots that are longer than the other. Then you pull down the next layer and do the same thing. Comb it all the way down and you'll see your guide right through that next layer. If you don't you've pulled down too much hair. To make sure that you don't start cutting the front too short what I recommend is taking this hair in the front and actually bringing it back behind the ear and that way you can see where your guide is. Because if you bring it out here a lot of people pull it way down really tight and it goes over the ear, so when they cut it they get that little hole right there. So in order to not do that you just bring it straight back behind the ear and use your comb, zero degree elevation, follow your guide, and snip. You continue that on the other side as well. Again there's your guide. And that's how you cut long hair one length.