Video transcription

Hi this is Taylor. Today we are going to discuss how to install ink cartridges for your HP All-in-One printer. Most HP All-in-One cartridges use cartridges similar to this. May not be your exactly model, but you will get the idea. To insert, simply go to your printer, lift it up, and then you will see, a cradle will slide over to one half of the printer. Some printers, the cradle is stationary and has little clips. So either way, it will slide over to the right-hand side. To insert, always remember the black cartridge goes on the right-hand side and the left is designated for the color cartridge. Depending on your model, there are two different ways. One is where you have it slanted just like this, then it goes into the slot and snaps upwards. The other one, it has a clasp over the top of the cartridge. Before inserting the cartridge, you need to lift that clasp high. It will do so with a spring. Then slowly insert the cartridge and then push the clasp down over the cartridge. Depending on your model, you will now have have to close your printer in either one of two ways. Either folding up the lid, or closing the top scanner. After you do this, the printer will reset and give you prompts that you have successfully installed your HP cartridges.