Video transcription

When you're in the supermarket and see these do they scare you? They shouldn't. I'm Jawara the chef, and today I will show you how to make eggplant casseroles. The first thing, you have to cut the top off, then the ends, and then start slicing them; the skin off. Once you finish taking the skin off then you will start slicing bout a 3/4 inch thick. After you finish slicing them you put them on a plate and then you put a little salt on them. Put a little salt, salt brings out the extra moisture in eggplants; they are very moist. Just a little salt. Crack three eggs in a bowl and then whisk them right up. I have my flour, I have my egg batter, and I have my bread crumbs. Just a little flour, a little egg, and bread crumbs. Repeat that, just remember try to keep one clean hand and one use hand. K, then you can bring it over to your hot pan; I already put some olive oil in, moderate heat. "flip one over here". Nice golden brown texture, that's what you want to have. Now my eggplant is already cooked, already put sauce, spaghetti sauce in the bottom of my dish. And I'm going to start laying my eggplants in. Put a little more sauce, and my fresh mozzarella cheese; "nice". Just a little more sauce, now our dish is finished. Now I already had preheated my oven with 350 degrees, put your eggplant in for 40 minutes. Now 40 minutes is up, I first got it out the oven now. Still hot and bubbly, look at the pretty texture and everything. I'm Jawara the chef and that's how you cook eggplant casserole.