Video transcription

Should you find yourself in a position where you want to open a bottle of wine but you don't have a wine tool, here's a couple of ways that you can go about doing it. Most bottles of the foil will come off if you just apply some pressure and pull. From here, you got three different methods that you can use. The first of which is the hit method. You start by wrapping the bottom in a towel. Then you hold nice and snug around the body. At this point you're going to find a vertical wall and attempt to hit the bottom of the bottle very flatly against that wall. So you hit the bottle against the wall vigorously. This will make the cork from the pressure of the wine, begin to come out of the top of the bottle. At this point, you can pull it the rest of the way with your hands. Method number two is the wire hanger method. Grab yourself a wire coat hanger or as I like to think of it, the key to the sea. You want to straighten the hook. At this point, get a pair of pliers and make a very small hook at the end. Oops. Thusly. From here, you insert the end of the hook in to the side of the bottle between the cork and the bottle. Push it all the way down until it's underneath the cork and when you pull up, twist. You'll have the cork right out in know time at all. The third method takes us in to the realm of the extremely dangerous. This should only be done under absolutely desperate circumstances. This is the knife method. What you like to do at this point is take a knife; many people suggest a serrated edge such as this one or a pocket knife, and you want to insert it in between the cork and the bottle. Push it all the way down until you're underneath the cork and then twist and then bring the cork back up with. Be very careful however. It's extremely easy to cut yourself or break the top of the bottle and then cut yourself again.