How to Tenderize Calamari

Calamari, a delicacy of cooked squid, is a staple in many Greek, Italian and Mediterranean dishes. Calamari is light, tasty and inexpensive, making it an ideal seafood dish for any budget-conscious family. The process of tenderising calamari is easy.

Pour 1 cup of whole milk and marinate the calamari overnight in the refrigerator (1 cup of milk per pound). The lactic acid will begin the tenderising process.

Soak the calamari in lemon juice for approximately five minutes before cooking.

Gently pound the calamari with a tenderising hammer or mallet just before cooking. This works for any type of preparation, whether pan searing, broiling or frying.

Cook the calamari according to your recipe, being careful to take the squid off the heat source when it turns white.