How to Make Beeswax Absolute

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Beeswax can be used to create a wide variety of handicrafts, such as candles and skincare products. If you have a supply of beeswax that you want to use for handicrafts but it contains fragments and materials that you want to remove from the wax, the beeswax can be clarified. Once finished, the resulting beeswax absolute will be free of any impurities and can be used for any of your handicrafts.

Place 1 pound of raw beeswax into an empty coffee can.

Place the coffee can into the top of a double boiler.

Fill the bottom of the double boiler halfway with water.

Heat the double boiler on medium high until the wax begins to bubble.

Allow the wax to bubble for about 5 minutes and then turn the heat to medium low.

Use a turkey baster to siphon off the impurities from the wax, which will rise to the surface of the coffee can. Empty the impurities into a bowl and then discard them once they cool down. You can now use the purified beeswax absolute in your handicrafts.

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