How to dye cork

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Whether using cork for craft projects, trying to create your own custom corkboard or making wine corks a little more colourful to display, dye the cork to give your project a fun, new look. Cork is a very porous material and can be easily dyed with some fabric acid dye.

Fabric acid dye can be found at any fabric shop or your local arts and crafts store.

Pour 1 packet of powder fabric dye into a small bowl. Add 2 cups of very hot water to the powder to dissolve it.

Fill a gallon bucket halfway up with hot water. Add the dissolved dye to the bucket. If you're dyeing corkboard, use a deep baking dish.

Drop your corks into the bucket. Stir the corks in the bucket with a stainless steel spoon for 15 minutes. Allow the corks to soak in the dye for an additional 45 minutes.

Pull out one cork after 45 minutes, and rinse it under cool water. If the cork has been dyed to your desired colour, remove any other corks you have soaking. If the colour is not as vibrant, drop the cork back into the water and let the cork soak for an additional 30 minutes.

Repeat Step 4 until your corks have reached the desired colour. Lighter colour wine corks may be dyed your desired colour after just one hour. Darker corkboard may take two or three hours.

Remove your corks when the desired colour has been reached. Rinse the cork under cool water until the dye no longer runs from the cork. Set the cork on paper towel to completely dry before using.