Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to grow strawberries in a container. Now I had a bed of strawberries out in the back and they were doing really well, but the deer have come in and annihilated them and time after time so I've given up on putting them outside. And I'm going to put them in a container in the greenhouse. Or I can put it outside by the front step where the deer don't go. And I'm assuming they're going to grow. But I need to get them away from that bed where the deer are coming. The easiest way to grow strawberry is by the root, so as long as you've got a root and a start it will grow, and they grow so easily and even into December this one is trying to produce fruit. And when you plant it you want to cover the roots up but you want to leave the leaves exposed. You don't want to cover them up so that they suffocate. So I just want to dig a hole in my container and I found for outside the bigger the container the better. It'll stay moister and do better in the end. And so I'm just going to take all my starts and I'm just going to put them right into the soil, and as long as the roots are covered, and the plant is out it will grow. And I've noticed strawberries really like to be in groups. They like to be crowded, and they will multiply quickly. So when you start a container, it's better to start with more than one at least three, they're social and they'll do better in groups of three or more. So I'm just going to put these all in this container and I'm pretty much going to leave them dry in this greenhouse over the winter. And then in the spring I'm just going to put them out in the sun or leave them in the greenhouse and water them real well but let them dry out in between. And I am really looking forward to the strawberries that they're going to produce. So as I said the more the merrier and as long as the roots are covered and the plant is exposed, you will have gorgeous strawberries. And they send runners that will come right off the container so they're great in containers, they're really pretty. And there's all types of containers that you can use, you can use containers that have the different staggered areas too and they'll droop off. You can use hanging baskets too, strawberries love to be in hanging baskets. And they do drink a lot of water but you want to let them dry out in between. So I'm really looking forward to my strawberry garden that I will have full of strawberries next summer.