Video transcription

Okay, now we are going to de-solder a diode. Fantastic! So, Once again, heating up the soldering iron. I find the diode that I want to; that I might think is suspect. Right there. Make sure I got that right. Okay, It seems like it's warm enough. Heat up the solder pad. Expert Village, de-soldering. There we go. It's all liquidy. Lets try it, no, not that one first. Again. There we go, that was a good one. That went right up. Okay. I went to get a little precision screwdriver instead of my Leatherman. Just going to get under this and try to pry it up a little better. Here we go. That's a lot of heat on here. For a long time. I am really getting close to the point where I might pull this thing up. Then that would be bad. I'm not super concerned because this is obviously just a junk circuit board, but if it was something I intended to repair, that would be a problem. It's not too hot. A little warm, but not too bad. So, I can touch it. Okay, so that?s out. And now we will do a quick test on it.