Video transcription

Now I will show you how to fold a very deep pocketed queen fitted sheet. Now it is only more difficult because there is a lot more material to it a lot bigger then the twin sheet we just folded but it is folded in the same way except we make a adjustment for the size of the material. Now the first thing is you want to find that short end and sometimes with a queen it is a little more difficult. So if you run your hand along the edge from seam to seam and then kind of note how long it is from seam to seam and then look for the next seam. If that one is longer then you know that this is a long side and this is the short side. So we start with the short side and we want to take the right corner of the short side. Put our hand in there you see this is a very deep pocketed sheet and it's has a elastic all the way around so it's very gather. But we have our hand in the right corner and we would follow that long side down until we find the next corner and put your hand in that corner. Just like with the twin sheet we are going to put our hands together and flip it on top of itself. So now you have a your hand inside this very deep pocket and you have this is the short end.