Video transcription

In this video clip, I will be showing you how to frame a wall. When you measure to cut your 2 x 4’s, make sure that you measure your wall and then you subtract 3 inches for your top plate and your sole plate. So that when you assemble your wall and you lean it up, it is going to fill the wall fully but it is not going to be too long and then it’s not going to fit. Go ahead and lay out your 2 x 4’s that you’ve cut to all of your lines on the top and the bottom board here and we will be ready to nail those in. When getting ready to nail your boards in, I found what works is to go ahead and line them up with your mark, put one foot on your stud, one foot on your top plate here and you might need to tap it over just a little bit and go ahead and nail it in. Go ahead and put a second nail in and you are ready to move onto your next board. Go ahead and continue this procedure throughout your entire wall. Once I have nailed in all of my studs, I am ready to raise the wall up.