Video transcription

Ok, the next step in our bedroom project is going to be actually patching the ceiling, the cracks that we exposed. So, we're going to use a joint compound. This stuff is really creamy, you want to make sure that its well mixed before you apply it, otherwise you're going to get chunks. Its like a thick soup. I'm just going to give my trough a good dollop of it. Now keep in mind we're going to be applying multiple coats of this, so don't worry too much about it being absolutely smooth. We're just going put a coat over the tape we just applied. Unlike some of the other patching materials that we'll be using, the joint compound actually needs a solid 24 hours to dry. And if you miss a spot, that's ok because we're going to put another coat on it after this is dry. Ok, so we're going to let that dry overnight and in the meantime, we'll get on to something else.