Video transcription

Okay, we've still got the chicken wing, we've been practicing the inside out swing path, we've corrected that, we're hitting the ball from the inside, but we still have a guy that still has the left elbow pulling up. What we're going to do from there is get them then to work on the left arm. We're going to have them actually hit golf balls, maybe some half swings and just practice extending their left arm out through impact. Okay, we'll have them just do some really short golf swings, just swing back, hit the balls out there and again really feeling the left arm extending. The other thing you can do for that too is to have them hit balls and actually let the right hand come off the club. So they can actually swing, let the right hand come off and the weight of the club is going to help us straighten that left arm out. Again, this is a very common problem in the golf swing, a lot of players have it. We need to fix that in order to get some power back into your game. You never see good players with any problems like that in their swings.