Video transcription

In this clip we are going to show you the difference with the slice served with the forehand grip and the slice served with the continental grip. The different angle right here you are going to be able to see the ball go from right to left while we are talking about it. Here is that forehand grip that a lot of players use and it is almost an eastern to a semi-western group and a lot of players use this. Again it is really hard to throw your racket at the ball because the racket is flat so watch how I take my racket back because of this grip. It is pretty flat. A lot of people take that serve I know and your racket is coming through flat. Again adjust your grip even if it is up here initially just to get the feel of it coming with the continental grip allows my racket to come in ahead and here is a slice serve, see how it is going from right to left. That's the idea you want to feel that you are hitting the ball at three o'clock and going just around it, throwing the racket at the ball and see if I can get it to hook some more. There we go a good old juicy slice right there. Use this for the wide serve quite a bit and also when you get into the body the important thing again is that you can throw the racket edge to the body, that is what you have to feel. Whatever grip you can find to do that that is not so forehand that is going to benefit you. It is also going to help you with that tennis elbow if you do have it so figure on getting that continental grip, index knuckle to the right side which is double number 2.