Video transcription

Okay! This is your one iron. It is your steepest angle and it is only sixteen degrees loft; it's the longest iron. Now most players don't hit a one iron and not that many pro's will even hit a two iron because there the less loft the more chance you have of slicing the ball even if your highly skilled. So you may not use this club that much but it's kind of fun to practice with and it's kind of a good barometer on how your swingings so well you may or may never use it in a match or in a round of golf it does have some benefits because if it's windy you can get underneath the wind because it's such a flat loft on it. So what you want to do is just line up. Once again, now you can see sense it's the longest club of the irons I've got to step furthest away from the ball so I am going to keep my feet the closest together and I just draw the line from the target. Once again wer'e going to try to hit the ball straight so I am going to have a natural club face and then I want to be very relaxed because this club is not the easiest to control. So a very easy swing and that wasn't the greatest of hit but it went the distance and it stayed on line. So the one iron it's a good practice club you may or may not want to hit it in a round of golf but it's good to practice your swing with and if you can hit it well it means your hitting the club well, every club well.