Video transcription

In these following clips we're going to talk about removal and replacement of the vehicles fuel filter. In this clip we're going to talk about locating your vehicles fuel filter. Depending on the make and model, the location is going to vary widely. It is going to be located in the fuel system somewhere between the tank and the fuel rail. On this particular vehicle our fuel filter is located about a foot down from your cruise control actuator. It's right here. I got my finger on it right now. Like I said it's going to be located in the fuel system. One of the things you want to do if you don't know the location is refer to your vehicle's owners manual or ask your local parts store professional. If either of those are not available to you, you're going to have to start at the tank and look for it. You're fuel filter is typically a canister style just like this. You'll find a component like this in your fuel lines. You can't get it mixed up with your break lines. Break lines don't have filters on them.