10 Great tips for the perfect beard

Beards are fashionable, as more and more men let their facial hair grow. Far from being neglected, today's beards are well maintained and have become trendy for the male gender. To improve your beard, there are various considerations to bear in mind. Here you will find ten important grooming tips to get the best out of your beard.

Let it grow

The first step to having a good beard is very simple: you must let the facial hair grow. It's not necessary to get to the point of not letting your face show through, but be patient until it reaches a length suitable for a choice of styles. This will be a little annoying at first, as it can be itchy, but you will get used to it after a while will not notice any negative effects on the skin. It is a simple point, but very important.

Moisturise it

Moisturising your beard is one of the most important parts of its maintenance. Products designed to soften are highly advisable, they give the texture of the beard a much more pleasing feeling, mostly to people you might come in contact with. Keep in mind that facial hair is considerably thicker and more resistant than hair growing in most other parts of the body. Moisturising your beard is essential to ensure that it doesn't turn unpleasant to the touch, as this can create a lot of discomfort.

Clean it

When cleaning their face, many men forget to also clean their beard. This is a serious mistake, as the beard area should receive as much attention as the rest of the face. It is advisable to use a product designed for men. Any product can be applied over the beard, especially if it is at least three or four days old. For a beard to be look aesthetically pleasing, the first step is making sure it is clean.

Give it shape

After letting your beard grow a little, the next thing you must decide is how you want to style it. One important factor to take into account is the shape of your face. To avoid exaggerating unwanted features and ending up looking like a cartoon character, you should try to keep the general geometry of the style balanced. For example, if your face is long, your beard should be short at the chin and wide on the cheeks. This doesn't mean that you have to choose a specific style, but for the beard to suit your face harmonically, certain choices of style will be much better than others.

Trim it every now and then

While maintaining your beard, trimming it occasionally is one of the most frequent tasks. Whether you choose an electric or a manual razor, you might need to trim the outline and, depending on the style of your beard, reduce the thickness of your beard every once in a while. It is important to be aware of this step, because beards change shape a lot as they grow. You must give this as much importance as you would your hair: a well groomed beard says a lot about you.

Try to harmonise it with your haircut

The best advice for ensuring that your beard suits your haircut visually is to adopt a similar style and length. This is the easiest way to develop an ideal combination. You can choose the opposite to this, trimming your beard and hair in such a way that they follow two different styles, but it is better to harmonise them. For example, if you have a short haircut, it would be better for your beard not to be too thick or long, as the contrast would probably not look as good.

Dye it

Your beard can also be dyed to change its colour, like your hair. Such is the choice of those with greying hair who want to appear younger. Even if your beard isn't turning grey, you could be innovative and dye it a bold, striking colour. Although this is a less common practice, a dyed beard is an interesting way to change your look. Many celebrities have followed this trend with aesthetically pleasing results. Coloured beards have the added perk of making their owners look more youthful.

Consider using wax

Another little known trick for people with beards is the use of wax. It can be applied at any time of day to make your beard easier to groom. In addition, wax turns a beard shinier and smoother, while also making it look more cared for and polished. It is especially recommended for beards that grow quickly and thickly, given that they are the hardest to groom.

Perfume it

Why not perfume your beard? Throwing a little scent in your beard is a good option to change things up. Keep in mind that the majority of fragrances contain alcohol, making them photosensitive. If perfume comes in contact with your skin and you are then under the sun, it could cause allergic reactions and skin spots, which will be very unpleasant. If you perfume your beard well, you will avoid these risks and, furthermore, it will maintain it's smell for longer, something people around you will appreciate.

Take care of your blades and tools

As important as it is to take care of your beard, you should also consider the tools you use to do so. It is important that your blades and razors are clean and in perfect working order, otherwise your skin may become infected and your beard may be ruined. Making sure of this, apart from having a beard that looks perfect, will reduce the chances of your skin suffering as a result of it. As always, health is more important than aesthetics, so you should take good care of your grooming equipment.

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