Pizza toppings you've never heard of but need to try

You may love pepperoni or sausage on your pizza, but what about a marshmallow S’more pizza? Prawn and squid ink pizza? Macaroni and cheese pizza? Or hearts of palm with an orange mayonnaise? We scoured the globe to find the world’s most outrageous and creative pizza toppings you probably would never think would be allowed to go on top of this favourite food.

Mac and cheese pizza

In Madison, Wisconsin, a liberal university town in the middle of Wisconsin, hungry students line up out the door for just one slice of Ian’s pizza. Ian’s is known for their unorthodox pizza flavours, which include Chicken Penne Alfredo, BBQ Steak and Chips, Mexican Pizza (black bean, tomato, feta and avocado), and Smokey the Bandit (BBQ Chicken, Bacon, Ranch, BBQ Sauce, Cheddar, and Ranch). If you thought those toppings were a bit crazy, you’ll go absolutely mad for their number one best seller: Mac and Cheese pizza, made with a creamy Wisconsin cheddar, elbow macaroni and spread atop the thin crust pie.

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Palmitos con Salsa Golf

The locals of Buenos Aires love their pizza. A culture influenced by Italian immigration, don’t be surprised if you find multiple pizzerias in every neighbourhood. While the napolitana (cheese with tomato, garlic and oregano) and the fugazzetta (onion and cheese) pizzas are probably the most common, every porteño (the people of Buenos Aires) pizzeria menu will usually include the Palmito pizza: hearts of palm, ham, roasted red peppers, melted cheese and squiggles of salsa golf, a popular ketchup-mayonnaise condiment.

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Pizza Berlusconi

The most popular Finnish pizza restaurant chain, Kotipizza, is internationally recognised for their gamey venison pizza, the Berlusconi. This Nordic country boastfully adds a truly unique topping of smoked reindeer to their pizza. In 2005, Berlusconi joked about having to “endure Finnish cuisine,” eating reindeer meat, so the pizza is mockingly named after the Italian prime minister.

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S'more Pizza

Ever take a bite out of a sweet pudding pizza? While most pizzas are topped with sauces, meats and vegetables, a s’more pizza is topping with – yes, you guessed it – s’more toppings! The infamous US graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate treat, synonymous with camping, has now been converted into a pizza topping.

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Kebab Pizza

In Sweden, the most widely consumed pizza is a kebab pizza, topped with doner kebab meat, a yogurt-based white sauce and iceberg lettuce. If that doesn’t spark your appetite, order the “Pizza Africana," a mix of toppings that include peanuts, bananas, chicken and curry powder.

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Squid Ink Pizza

Don’t be alarmed if your whole mouth is stained black after you take a bite of this Japanese pizza. Throughout the world squid ink is most commonly used in pastas and risottos, but in Japan, the tomato sauce is replaced by the jet black ink, and topped with cream cheese and octopus or prawns.

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