Romantic Gifts for Men at the Airport

Updated February 21, 2017

The airport may not seem like an ideal place for romantic gift shopping for your man, but there are some situations where this may be your only option. If you're passing through the airport on your way home, greeting him with a romantic gift can only add to the excitement he feels upon seeing you after a long time away. Or perhaps you're looking for a sweet way to cheer up your travel-weary husband as you venture to a new place together. Look around the airport shops, and you may be surprised at what you discover.

Massage/Spa Treatment

Larger airports often have quick-service spas and massage stations where sore and tired travellers can receive a brief treatment. While it may not have as strong a romantic appeal as a regular full-service spa, treat your husband or boyfriend to one of these massages or other treatment of his choice as you wait for your flight to take off. Get one with him and sit in chairs next to one another where you can hold hands to strengthen the romantic vibe.

Creative Poem

Most airports, both large and small, have some type of news-stand. If you have a lot of time to kill during a layover, take the time to make a heartfelt, romantic gift of a slightly unconventional nature. Purchase one or more magazines or newspapers from the stand. Use a pair of fingernail scissors from your carry-on luggage to cut out words from the magazines. Compose a poem that shows him exactly how you feel using the words you find. You may have to purchase tape or glue from a retailer in the airport. Attach the words to a piece of paper or to the inside of a greeting card if you're able to find one. You can mail him the card once you arrive at your destination.

Local Team Memorabilia

For some men, one of the most romantic things a woman can do is indulge him in his hobbies and interests. If your significant other is a huge fan of a certain sport and he enjoys collecting memorabilia from different teams purchase him an item from every airport you visit on your trip. A number of large airports have locally themed shops that sell things such as jerseys from colleges and pro teams in the area. Pick him up one, and he's sure to appreciate the gesture.

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