Companies That Make Police Badges

Updated April 17, 2017

Police badges are a symbol of pride and national identity for those who wear them, from low ranking officers to the police of chief. The required badge changes by rank and so there is a substantial market for police badge manufacturers. A policeman is also a popular fancy dress costume, leading to demand for reproduction replica badges. A range of companies make police badges, both in the U.S. and in other countries, typically in Asia.

National Badge Company

With 25 years experience in badge production, the National Badge Company produces a range of police badges, including five- and seven-star models and circle-star badges, typically in silver and gold colours. You can also have a custom made badge, if you have specific criteria that need to be met. The National Badge Company prides itself on the craftsmanship, quality and distinction of design of the police badges it manufactures. Other products include sheriff, military and security badges.

International Insignias

Founded in 1972, International Insignias produces hand-embroidered badges, emblems, cap peaks and banners for sale all over the world. The company specialises in producing Police Service Cap Badges, which are custom designed to meet client need, typically featuring a logo in the middle which is surrounded by the name of the organisation. The company also produces its own embroidery wires, which are made out of gold (2 per cent) and silver. The company claims high levels of customer satisfaction and exceptional quality products. Other products manufactured include army, naval and military cap badges.

Anaemica Art Centre

Anaemica Art Centre is a leading Indian embroidery centre that provides a range of garments, home products, religious items as well as fashion and service industry accessories. Products are available for shipment all over the world, including the U.S, U.K., Japan, Italy, Zimbabwe and Zambia. One of the center's key product lines is custom made police badges, which are designed to meet the required specifications of police forces in each respective country. Badges come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, including eagles, roses and crests.

E Police Supply

In operation since 2000, E Police Supply offers seven different police badges, suitable for a series of ranks ranging from five- to seven-point stars for deputies and sheriffs to the Maltese Cross for the district chief. The company also offer metropolitan police badges as well as official U.S. military badges.

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