Birthday Gifts for a 10-Year-Old Girl

Updated March 20, 2017

To celebrate a 10-year-old girl's birthday, gift givers must consider the child's personality and interests. Many young girls enjoy feminine gifts, featuring pinks and purples that include sequins and glitter. Other girls however may be athletic and appreciate functional, less "girlie" gifts.

Jewellery and Accessories

If the 10-year-old girl appreciates feminine gifts, jewellery can be the perfect birthday gift. Consider jewellery that features her birthstone, such as a bracelet, locket or earnings. Another alternative is a jewellery kit, which includes a variety of stones, beads and trinkets to create custom jewellery and accessories. Often the beads and stones feature letters, numbers and designs to personalise the jewellery.

Bedroom Decor

A little girl enjoys decorating her bedroom to reflect her personality and interests. Ideal gifts to consider include throw pillows, sheets, comforter, rug, lamp, posters and pictures. Consider her favourite colour, hobby, characters or sports when designing the decor.

Feminine Gift Basket

Create a gift basket personalised to her taste. Line the basket with pink tissue paper or a colourful scarf and include items to make her feel feminine. Include things such as scented bath soaps and lotions, make-up, a small hand bag, nail polish and hair accessories. Finish off the basket with a large pink bow.

Athletic Gifts

Sports encourage physical fitness and improve self-esteem and social interactions with other children. For the girl who leans toward tomboyish qualities, purchase a gift that coincides with her favourite sport or activity. Consider a poster of her favourite athlete, or jersey from her favourite team. If possible, personalise the item with her name and a favourite number. If she plays a sport, get an accessory to match, such as athletic shoes, a glove, soccer ball or skates.

Gift Tokens

If you are unsure of the birthday girl's interests, purchase a gift token to a mall or department store. Gift tokens allow the child to feel important while choosing a gift that fits her personality. Allow her to responsibly choose the perfect gift and possibly a little extra.

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