End-of -Year Assembly Ideas

Written by errin reaume | 13/05/2017
End-of -Year Assembly Ideas
Students will be finishing their midterm exams and looking forward to winter break. (school image by horacio villamonte from Fotolia.com)

Assemblies allow students to leave their regular classes and attend grade- or school-wide meetings with the faculty. Assemblies can include information on the new school year, information about upcoming events or fun activities for the student body. An end-of-year assembly can include focus on the new calendar year after students return from break as well as include fun activities.

Attendance Raffle

Schools keep track of attendance to ensure students are meeting the required in-school time regulated by the state. Some schools may offer incentives to attend school everyday, such as a raffle at the end of the year. Students that have missed no more than three days can be put in the raffle and given prizes during the assembly. Prizes can be sponsored by businesses within the community. The raffle will encourage students to maintain high attendance during the second half of the school year.

Presentations by School Clubs

Schools, particularly middle and high schools, often have a variety of social clubs students may join. A nice way to show the rest of the school what a club has been doing is to allow the club to create a short presentation for the assembly. A sign language club can sign a popular song, an environmental club can create a slide show of the pictures from places they have cleaned and the drama department can put on a short skit. Students are typically proud and willing to show off their hard work.

Teacher/Student Awards

Students typically love to rate their teachers and peers. Create a list of positive and fun titles, and let the student body nominate teachers or students that fit each category. This may be done a week or two before the assembly so there's time to organise the nominations. Choose the popular candidates for each title, and send out voting slips to everyone. Tally the votes, and present awards to the students and teachers for each title. A teacher title could be "most interesting homework" or "best teacher to have in the morning." Students titles could be "most school spirit" or "most likely to run the country."

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