Specifications for the Honda TRX 350

In 1986, Honda debuted the TRX 350. The all-terrain, four-by-four vehicle, popular for workers and hobbyists alike, currently retails for £3,380. The TRX 350 is available in three colours. In 2000, certain TRX 350 models were recalled by Honda due to an error during construction that could cause drivers to lose control of the vehicle during operation.


The Honda TRX 350 has a 329 cubic centimetre, air-cooled, four-stroke engine. The bore and stroke, which measure the diameter of the cylinder bore and length of the piston stroke, are 78.5mm by 68.0mm. The TRX 350 has an electric starter with an automatic clutch. Four-stroke engines release less pollution during vehicle operation, reducing environmental concerns.


The body of the Honda TRX 350 comes in red, orange and olive. The ATV has a turn radius of 10 feet. Without fluids (including gas and oil), the vehicle weighs in at 238kg. The ATV is 78 inches in length and 45 inches in width. The wheelbase is almost 50 inches. Drivers seat height is 32 inches. Ground clearance for the TRX 350 is almost 10 inches.


The Honda TRX 350 is equipped with front- and rear-sealed drum brakes. Sealing the brakes prolongs brake life and protects them from moisture and dirt. The front suspension is an independent double wishbone with 5-inch travel. The rear suspension is swing-arm with single shock and 5-inch travel.

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