The History of the Fishtail Motorcycle Exhaust

motorcycle image by Goran Bogicevic from

Velocette motorcycles are handmade, vintage bikes produced by a company known for emphasising quality. Of British origin, these motorcycles were developed with a fish tail exhaust. So called for its flattened, tapering appearance, the fish tail exhaust produces a unique exhaust sound.

Time Frame

Velocette motorcycles was created in Britain beginning in 1908. The company successfully crafted well-made bikes until closing the doors in 1971. Fishtail exhaust was a standard feature of most Velocette bikes.


The fish tail exhaust can be identified by its distinctive appearance. Tapered to a thin, wide end, the chrome exhaust produces a loud and unique noise.


The fish tail exhaust is just one feature of the famous Velocette motorcycle. The loud exhaust can be dampened with a silencer produced by the original company. This feature makes the bicycle rideable in areas that cite bikers for noise pollution or exhaust issues.