Honda Gx140 Specifications

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The Honda GX140 is an engine used in go-karts, lawnmowers, golf carts and other small, gas-powered vehicles and machinery. Honda introduced theGX140 in the mid-1980s but the engine and parts are still commonly available on the Internet. Honda's GX series is generally praised for having a good range and long life.


The Honda GX140 engine has a 144cc, 8.8-cubic-inch displacement and a 2.5- by 1.8-inch bore and stroke. The maximum power output is 5 horsepower at 3,600rpm.

The engine's maximum torque is 7.7 foot-pounds at 2,800rpm. Fuel consumption is 0.081 gallons per hour with the engine operating at 2,800rpm. The cooling system is forced air and the ignition system is transistorised magneto. The PTO shaft rotation spins counter-clockwise. An electric starter is connected to a 12-volt battery with an ampere-hour rating of at least 18 Ah.


The Honda GX140 Type-Q dual element model measures 12.8 inches in length, 14.4 inches in width and 13.2 inches in height. It has a dry weight of 14 Kilogram. The Type-Q oil bath air cleaner has a length of 12.8 inches, a width of 15.2 inches and a height of 13.2 inches. It weighs 16 Kilogram.


The Honda GXV140 has an overhead valve vertical shaft in the A1(6) and N1 variations. It features a crankshaft power take-off (PTO) with a diameter of 3.31 by .875 inches and tapped .375-inch, Pitch 24 Unified Fine Straight (UNF) threads. The top speed with no load is 3,600rpm. The fuel tank capacity is 1.16 quarts and the net weight is 11.8 Kilogram.

This engine is also produced in six other variations: MA1, MA2, MA4, MA7, MAF and MFG, all with top no-load speeds of 3,600rpm.