Birthday Gift Ideas for a Leo Man

Updated February 21, 2017

Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22) is the fifth sign of the zodiac, a masculine fire sign, represented by a lion. The most dominant sign of the zodiac, typical Leo traits include ambition courage, strong-will, and self-confidence. Leos are also generous, warm-hearted, faithful and loving. It can be great fun choosing a gift for a Leo man, and there are lot's of options available.

Lion Theme

The sign for Leo is the lion, representing the king and nobility, so consider looking for a lion-themed gift. The characteristics of the lion really sum up the characteristics of your Leo man. Many Leos consider themselves to be art connoisseurs, so a lion-themed piece of art would be gladly accepted. Leos are also quite extrovert, so maybe a lion print tie for work--after all, Leos love to be centre of attention. Don't forget that Leos are also warm-hearted fun-loving people, so the biggest stuffed toy lion you can find will go down a treat.

Fire Theme

It is the element of fire that gives Leos their passion, so look for a fire themed gift for your Leo man. Fire is represented by the sun, the colours orange and red, and of course fire itself. Candles not only represent fire, but they have a certain regal quality that Leos appreciate, and can also be used as a prop to set the scene. Consider some sexy gifts for the Leo man in your life, red or orange silk bed sheets for example. The sun can be represented in a piece of art, or a wall plaque, make sure it's a fantastic sunrise rather than a picture of a sunny day though, it's all about grandeur for the Leo man.

The Dramatic

Leos love ceremony, so when giving a Leo man his gifts, don't simply hand them over, gather everyone around him (he loves to be centre of attention) and make a big thing of it. Think theatrics, surround him with flowers and candles, and sit him in a big chair. Greetings cards should be big, and present wrapping should be as grand as possible, Leos do not appreciate subtlety or understatement.

Creative Gifts

Leos are creative and intelligent, often with a very philosophical mind. Anything that can give the Leo man an opportunity to use that mind is a welcome gift. Consider literature, or even brain teaser puzzles--the Leo man will enjoy showing off his abilities in front of a crowd. Leos are also usually very proud of their name, so any gift with their name engraved on it will definitely end up displayed in a pride of place in their home.

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