44th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

An association of jewellers came together in 1937 and established the "modern" anniversary gift list -- a list that included items from the first year of marriage all the way to the 75th year. According to the modern list, the anniversary gift for the 44th year is groceries. However, don't just head to your local market to stock up for this anniversary -- make plans and set a romantic mood to celebrate this special date.

A Romantic Dinner

Since the modern gift is groceries, take some time and think about your spouse's favourite foods. What does you spouse love? Prepare a list of items and plan an intimate, romantic dinner. Groceries can include wines, chocolates and lavish desserts. Use candlelight and pull out the fine china to mark this important date.

More Exotic Groceries

Buy groceries, but don't buy them from your local store. Instead, surprise your spouse with a trip to an exotic location. Go buy fresh groceries in Paris or London. If you have been saving for this anniversary, you can purchase plane tickets to any locale that you and your partner enjoy. If you have always wanted to visit a particular spot, this is your chance. Just make sure you stop by the market so that you can sample the food at your destination.

A More Modest Budget

If you don't have the funds for an elaborate trip, you can still incorporate the groceries theme with a more modest budget. Take a trip to the local grocery story and pick up items that would be perfect for a romantic picnic. Go to a local beach or park and enjoy the sunset as you look back over the years that you have enjoyed with your spouse.

Focus On The Years

If you'd rather not focus on the gift idea of groceries, focus on your spouse and the time you have shared instead. Go back to the beginning of your relationship. Buy the album with the song you danced to 44 years ago. Revisit the site of your first date. Relive the moments that brought you together. Watch films from that time and dance to the music that brought you together. Create a scrapbook or photo album for your partner that shows all the good times you have experienced over the course of your marriage.

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