What are Some Alternative Motorcycle Covers?

Updated February 21, 2017

If parking a motorcycle outside, a motorcycle cover is an absolute must. You'll need to protect a bike's finish and other parts from bird droppings, thunderstorms and other outside elements. Nowadays, you don't need to improvise with throwing a plastic cover or tarp over the bike after it cools. Alternative motorcycle covers have debuted in the marketplace.

Cycle Cabana

The Cycle Cabana company offers an alternative to covers that press directly against the bike frame. Instead, it manufactures a curved metal, tent-like frame, covered in waterproof material. Each frame allows ample space, and covers the bike while not touching it. In fact, some are big enough to provide room for maintenance work while protected by the cover. This cover offers lots of ventilation and the ability to roll up the cover sides to give your bike fresh air.

Cycle Shell

Cycle Shell manufactures a motorcycle cover that acts as a portable garage for your bike. Metal tube frames, wide enough to more than comfortably fit your motorbike, create the base of the cover, with a waterproof material that wraps tautly over the metal. This breathable material keeps out dust, dirt and other debris. The frames fold in and out, accordion-style, allowing easy access. When completely unfolded, the entire cover creates a half-moon shape. The Cycle Shell even has a space for the insertion of a padlock, for added security.

Protect 486

The designer Marc Graells Ballvé found inspiration in the protective and sheltering shell of an armadillo when he created the Protect 486. According to Charlie Sorrel of, "The overlapping plates offer weather-protection and also stop thieves from getting physical access to the scooter within."

Because it's not made of fabric or a soft material, you don't have to bother folding the cover up when it's not in use, or tugging it into place to cover the entire surface area of the bike. It attaches to the back of the motorcycle so that you have it on hand at all times.

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