How to Troubleshoot a Gaggia Titanium

Updated February 21, 2017

Gaggia's Titanium makes coffee with the touch of one button. The machine grinds the coffee beans, extracts and dispenses the drink, and then removes coffee grounds and stores them for periodic disposal. The electronic display panel prompts you to perform regular maintenance such as disposing of grounds or refilling the water tank. Problems with the Gaggia Titanium can include the machine not turning on, no coffee being dispensed and poor coffee results.

Plug the Gaggia Titanium into a power outlet if there are no lights on the front of the machine and the machine won't turn on. The machine needs to be plugged in for power, but unlike an ice-maker, doesn't have a plumbed water supply. Water is stored in a tank.

Heat the cups by placing them on the cup warmer plate well in advance of making espresso if the coffee is too cold. Give the machine plenty of time to heat up.

Try a different blend of coffee or adjust the grind if coffee is dispensed too slowly, or there is very little crema (froth layer). Espresso coffee uses a much finer grind than you'd use in a filter machine. Turn the grinding control knob that's inside the coffee bean container. Increase the dose if coffee comes out too quickly. Decrease the dose if no coffee comes out at all.

Switch off and then turn on the Gaggia Titanium and close the service door cover if the machine's coffee dispenser jams. Make sure the dispenser is snapped into its housing.

Things You'll Need

  • Varied coffee blends
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