Instructions for Panasonic SD-253

bread image by Maria Brzostowska from

The Panasonic SD-253 bread maker helps you to make homemade, fresh bread very easily. This small appliance can fit right on top of your countertop to be used whenever you need bread.

With the advanced features of the Panasonic, you can even choose what type of bread you'd like: French, Italian, sandwich, pizza, even gluten-free breads can be made. Even beginners will find that the Panasonic is user friendly and very easy to operate.

Turn the bread pan counterclockwise; pull up to remove the bread pan from the machine.

Insert the kneading blade into the bread pan's attachments shaft.

Pour the yeast inside the bread pan. Then add the flour and any other dry ingredients to the yeast.

Pour the water and any other liquids into the yeast.

Place the bread pan inside the bread maker, then fold down the bread pan's handles and close the lid.

Plug the Panasonic bread maker into an electrical socket in your kitchen. Press "Start" if you want a basic bread with medium crust. If you want to customise your bread, continue to Step 7.

Press "Select" to choose the type of bread you want to make. Then press "Option" to choose your baking mode.

Press "Size" to choose the size of your bread. Then, press "Crust" to choose if you want a "Light," "Medium" or "Dark" crust.

Press the "Start/Stop" button to start baking your bread. Press and hold the "Start/Stop" button to cancel the baking or reset the options.

Press "Start/Stop" when you hear the bread maker beep; the bread is done. Open the lid and -- wearing oven gloves -- remove the bread pan.

Turn the bread pan upside down and shake gently. Once the bread pops out, place it on a wire rack to cool.

Unplug your Panasonic SD-253 from the outlet.