Gift ideas for sick men

Updated April 17, 2017

A gift can be a nice way to raise the spirits of a man dealing with an illness. Besides showing the person you care, a good gift can make the time spent recovering all the more bearable. The best gifts tend to be the ones that are both personal and useful for the ill.


Since a sick man will likely need to spend a lot of time indoors and off his feet, gifts that can make this immobile period more enjoyable will be much appreciated. Books, magazines and DVDs that the man enjoys can be great. For more elaborate gifts, emerging products such as electronic readers and tablet computers which can be utilised without much movement will also make the time pass much faster. Another advantage of this type of product is that the sick man will have the ability to choose his own reading or viewing material without even needing to leave his bed.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are great because they can contain a variety of items and can also be customised. Different types of gift baskets include bath products, food and sweets, reading and game collections (such as crosswords and sudoku) and candles. Not only will the sick man get to enjoy the items, but he will also have the excitement of going through the basket to discover what is inside.

Bed Accessories and Housewear

To make the stay in bed more comfortable, bed rests can be great gifts. Shaped like a chair with high armrests and a tall back, these cushions allow the sick to sit up in bed to read or watch TV. Some of these beds even contain massage functions and cup holders which can turn the incapacitated time relaxing and comfortable. Other accessories for the bed like blankets, pillows and extra cushions, as well as clothing to be worn indoors can make nice, thoughtful gifts. Robes, slippers and pyjamas would certainly be appreciated.

Teddy Bears

Though usually given to children, who wouldn't want a nice stuffed animal to spend some time in bed with? These can be personalised to be extra meaningful for the sick man, as you can order bears wearing the uniform of a favourite sports team, with names or initials or a get well soon message.

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