Birthday Ideas for a Pisces Male

Written by natalie saar | 13/05/2017
Birthday Ideas for a Pisces Male
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A Pisces man is very romantic and loves affection and thoughtfulness, so keep this in mind when choosing your gifts. Even though he is a man, a Pisces man is romantic so don't hesitate to plan an evening out together or to make him something that you know he will love. The more time and thought you put into the gift, the better it will be.

Mix CD

Make a mix CD for him full of songs that are carefully chosen for him. Make sure to accompany it with a note explaining why you chose each song and what memories it conjures for you. Even if he does not think of the same thing when he hears the song, the fact that it makes you think of him will make him very happy.

Love Letter

As simple as it is, a love letter is a good gift for a Pisces male. Write about how much he means to you and important events you two shared like your first date, first kiss and first trip together. reliving these events shows him how much he meant to you from the very beginning. Hand write this letter because that is more personal than printing it out or just giving him a simple card. If you are artistic accompany it with drawings, because the Pisces is artistic as well.

Night Out

Plan a romantic night out for the two of you. The Pisces sign is all about the ocean so plan a cruise with him so he can be close to the water or a romantic dinner that is seaside. Make sure you get a table next to the sea if you go to a restaurant. You can even start the evening a little early and take a kayak trip out into the water and watch the sunset together.


Get him tickets to see his favourite sports team play. If he's more of a music fan than a sports fan, get him tickets to an upcoming concert, or even a musical--if that's his taste. Tickets to events show him that you pay attention to the things he likes.

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