CD Players That Bookmark

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If often happens that you're in the middle of a great song, only to get interrupted. If you turn off your CD player, when you go back, you most likely want to start off where you stopped the song. But older CD players don't have that capability and you usually have to play the song from the beginning.

Newer CD technology has been equipped with bookmark buttons or auto playback features. If you're looking for CD players with these features, you have several options from which to choose.

Sony D-EJ011 CD Walkman Portable Player

Sony's D-EJ011 CD Walkman Portable Player features Sony's Skip-Free G-Protection for eight playback modes and a bookmark playback function. The Walkman is outfitted with bass technology so that you get low music distortion through the headphones and provides up to 16 hours of playback. You can also bookmark songs on a specific CD and organise them in the order you'd like to hear them.

Sony D-EJ017CK Personal CD Player

The Sony D-EJ017CK Personal CD Player is nice for people who'd like CD players in their cars without buying pricey equipment. You can use this player as a portable as well. It comes packaged with a car battery cord, a cigarette lighter socket and a jack that you connect to your headphone input. The players runs on AA batteries and comes with different functions such as digital mega bass function, G-protection to prevent skipping and a bookmark feature so that you can add specific bookmarks to your favourite songs during playback.

Sony D-NS505 S2 Sports ATRAC Walkman Portable CD Player

The Sports ATRAC Walkman Portable CD Player is a new multimedia audio device. Compatible with MP3 files and Sony's ATRAC3plus compression technology, it's easy to play MP3 CDs and similar media files in CD form on this player. The player also feature skip-free G-Protection technology and bookmark playback. With AA batteries, you'll enjoy more than 75 hours of extended playback audio, allowing you to listen your music longer before changing the batteries.