Gift Ideas for a 65-Year-Old Man

Updated April 17, 2017

You may be having a hard time finding a gift for an older man. But it's really quite simple. Consider a few of his hobbies or likes and then cater to that. For example, if he enjoys classic television, present him with a personalised gift basket of his favourite shows like "The Three Stooges" or "Abbott and Costello." Once you have a general idea of his interests, you have the core of the gift.

Barbecue Gifts

If he enjoys spending his days barbecuing in the backyard, give him a grill master set. You can purchase pre-designed sets that contain barbecue utensils, spices and other grilling items. You can also buy individual items and cater it to the person. For instances, purchase a matching chef's hat and apron along with a grilling cookbook so he can barbecue all his old favourites and add some new ones too. Another gift option is the tabletop grill. This way he'll be able to make his favourite foods all year round. A gift like this is practical and he will definitely get plenty of use from it.

Sporting Gifts

If he's into keeping healthy with exercise, sporting material is the perfect gift. If he enjoys outdoor jogging, consider purchasing him a gym membership. He can work out even on those rainy days. If he's a sporty fisherman, buy him some new fishing gear. Give him a new matching hat and vest so he looks good when reels in that next big catch. On the more expensive end, give him a new fishing rod or a kayak for his adventurous afternoons on the lake. If he likes hiking, buy him a pedometer so he can keep track of his steps. This type of gift is practical and something he will definitely use to keep active and healthy.

Hobby Gifts

He's always fixing things around the house so of course the obvious yet perfect choice would be a toolbox to update the grungy one he's been carrying around for years. Purchase some handyman staples like a power drill or a hammer and maybe a nail set. If he enjoys reading novels, present him with a gift basket of his favourite classics like Shakespeare's "Othello" and some "Perry Mason." If he's also into reading books on business and investing, stick in a few of those titles as well. If he enjoys taking pictures, give him a book on photography to help better his technique. The best part of creating a personalised gift basket is that you can choose what items you think would best suit the individual.

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