The Best Raffle Prizes for Fundraising

Updated March 23, 2017

Raffles are a popular fundraiser and can bring in substantial profits if the incentives are right. Raffle prizes are often the catalyst that entices people to purchase tickets; as such, they should appeal to a large audience. A raffle for three head of cattle will not do as well as a raffle offering electronics, because electronics appeal to more people. Once you secure donations of enticing prizes, print them on your raffle tickets, if possible, so purchasers have a visual reminder of the prizes.


Electronics, especially high-end items such as big-screen televisions, are desirable and moneymaking prizes. The latest video gaming console, computers, surround sound systems and the most current mp3 players will also make impacts as top prizes in your raffle. Ask your local electronics or discount department store to donate an item or two for your raffle in exchange for printing the store's name on the tickets, programs or posters as a sponsor of the raffle.


Almost everyone wants a vacation, but for many the thought of the expense is enough to keep them close to home. Give away a cruise or resort trip to an attractive tourist destination. People are more apt to spend £6 on a raffle ticket or two versus spending their own money on a large vacation. Recruit a local travel agent or agency to donate the trip as a sponsor to your raffle. The travel agent or agency will gain a chance at new clients immediately with the raffle winner, and your group has a high-dollar raffle prize.

Gift Cards

Gift cards to large, well-known stores are almost the equivalent of cash and will attract many raffle purchases. Request donations of a variety of gift cards in varying dollar amounts. Try to focus on stores that cater to a diverse audience, such as department stores, electronics stores, home furnishing stores or even supermarkets. To encourage ticket purchases, advertise the fact that more than one person will have a chance to win one of multiple gift cards.


Having a car as a raffle prize will entice many people to purchase a ticket. A brand-new car as a prize will also increase the amount for which each ticket can sell. Ask local car dealers to donate a new car. When advertising the vehicle as a raffle prize, make sure you inform the public which car dealer is donating the vehicle and where it is on display. Vehicles are most easily donated as raffle prizes to groups classified as 501(c)(3) organisations because the vehicles can be written off as a charitable gift.

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