How to Create a Free Theme Park Map

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Theme park maps are made and printed to guide visitors throughout an amusement park. These maps use signs and symbols, such as a roller coaster, to help visitors identify the parks main attractions or rest room areas. A theme park map can be made for free using paper, pencil and markers.

The completed map can then be shared with others who will be visiting the theme park as well.

Obtain an original copy of the theme park that will be visited. This can be found on the theme park's website, or by contacting the theme park and requesting a map by mail. Once obtained, place a blank sheet of white paper over the map and trace the shape the theme park using a pencil.

Open the map to view the them park layout as reference. Draw symbols and signs onto the map to identify the children's fun zone, adult fun zone, shops, food court and bathrooms according the locations on the map. Draw symbols such as a bumper car to indicate the children's fun zones, and a roller coaster for the adult fun zone. Use pizza or a hot dog for the food court and a shopping bag for the shops.

Outline the theme park's shape and symbols with a black felt tip marker once the map has been illustrated with pencil. Write the name of each section of the theme park under the corresponding symbols with the black marker as well. Write the letters neatly and big enough to permit the map reader to identify each section with ease, then colour the map with coloured pencils upon completion.

Enter the theme park's name at the top of the map using the black marker once it is completed. Make copies of the map to pass out to others in the travel group using a photo copier or in a three-in-one printer. Place the completed map in a safe place to prevent damage from occurring.